Tanglewood Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Interview

Tanglewood is a modern cinematic platformer being developed for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive with a physical release set for June 2018.

I've spoken with the lead developer and he agreed to answer all any questions made by the community. All you need to do, is post your questions on this video's comment section:

A review of several Doki Doki Literature Club Mods, including the Good, the bad and the Weird

Today I decided to return to DDLC, but instead of playing through the original game, I just thought it would be more interesting if I installed a bunch of mods onto it.

The results were interesting. Some were pretty good, others pretty terrible while others were just... huh... weird.

I hope you'll enjoy the video:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Sega Master System Review)

Alex Kidd in Miracle World was meant to be the Sega Master System's answer to mario and Sega's mascot. The game was positively received back in the day but it never achieved the sales sucess necessary to compete with Nintendo's plumber.

Personally, I think part of the reason as to why Alex Kidd wasn't as sucessful as Mario has to do with the fact that the series was a rollercoaster in terms of quality, with the Alex Kidd games ranging from great, to mediocre, to even terrible.

Thankfully, Alex Kidd in Miracle World is one of the good ones.


Today I took a look at Hugo, a European 90s gameshow where kids would play videogames from the comfort of their own homes on live national TV using their corded phones as the controller.

Pool of Radiance Review: Saving the world one Transgendered Sean Connery at a time!

I reviewed Pool of Radiance for Ms-Dos, the only game ever made where you can save the world with a party entirely comprised of transgendered Sean Conneries.

Super Castlevania IV Review

This week I'm taking a lot at Super Castlevania IV for the Super Nintendo. Launched early into the console's life cycle, this is still considered as one of the best entries into the Castlevania series as well as one of the best 16-bit games ever made.

Now, almost 30 years later, I take a look at the game and see if Super Castlevania 4 is still a good game.


Megaman Legends 2 (PS1) Review

Well, it's been a while, but I finally reviewed Megaman Legends 2 for the PS1. As of this writing, this is the third and final game in the series, the first two being Megaman Legends and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

Megaman Legends 2 seems to take after the Legend of Zelda series, placing a greater emphasis on puzzle solving and platforming than its predecessor.